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Unite Students Registration

If you're moving into a Unite Students acommodation, you'll be asked to use the same email address on your Glide account as you gave to Unite when registering, in order for Glide and Unite to be able to coordinate your stay as well as possible.

When you arrive at your new acommodation and first connect, you'll be prompted to create an account.


What if I don’t know which email address I used to book my room?

When you booked your room with Unite Students or through your university, you will have received an email to confirm your booking. This is the email address you need to use to register for Wi-Fi access. This is the same email you will have used if you’ve logged into the MyUnite app.

If you can’t find this email address, you can register as a guest, which will give you uninterrupted Wi-Fi access until the end of September. If you still can’t find the right email address when prompted to log in again, please contact Unite Students.


Can I update my email address on my Unite Students booking?

You can change the registered email address for your room booking, but you will need access to the email address you originally used to make the booking. An email will be sent to confirm your change of registered email address. If you don’t have access to the original email address, please contact Unite Students.


I’ve updated the email address that I used for my room booking. What should I do?

In this case, please use your newly updated email address to register for Wi-Fi access. If this email address only allows you to register as a guest, please read the advice in the question below.


I’m sure I registered with the email address I used for my room booking. Why am I still set up as a guest?

It may take a few days for our records to match. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use the internet as a guest, we'll just ask you to try logging in again in seven days. If after a few weeks you're still required to log in every seven days, please contact Unite Students.


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