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TV Services Overview

What services are available to me and how can I connect?

Web based

  • Residents are able to access a wide range of web based TV services by connecting their Smart TV to the Glide network via Ethernet cable or WiFi.

Available services include :

  • Amazon Prime
  • NowTV (can include Sky Entertainment, Movies and Sports)
  • Netflix
  • BritBox
  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV Hub
  • All 4
  • My5
  • UKTV player

Available Set-top box options include :

  • NowTV (can include Sky Entertainment, Movies and Sports)
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Firestick

Coaxial based

  • Our smart fibre infrastructure is able to provide Freeview signals directly to the coaxial socket in your living room and bedrooms. This socket will be labelled ‘TV’.
  • This means that your TV can be tuned to receive up to 70 standard channels, 15 HD channels and over 30 radio stations with no cost attached*

Available services include :

  • Freeview
  • Freeview Play
  • BT TV
  • Talk Talk TV

*Please note a TV licence will be required for live and on demand services. See for more information.


Satellite based

  • For a wider range of live TV, each apartment has Satellite sockets (labelled SAT2) that connect directly back to our dish on the top of the building. This enables you to subscribe to the latest SkyQ services or you could install a FreeSat box should you wish to avoid monthly subscription fees.
  • More information on our Partner offers with Sky can be found by visiting
  • More information on FreeSat can be found by visiting

What do I do if my services encounter a fault?

No signal or loss of channels - Freeview

  • If you lose signal or some channels, the first thing to try would be a full re-tune of your TV as this is likely to resolve this. This is the same when trying to connect your TV to the communal network for the first time.
  • Check you are using the correct coaxial cable and have your TV connected into the port labelled ‘TV’
  • If possible, test your TV in other outlets within the apartment such as the bedroom to see if you are able to receive signal here
  • If you have tried all of the above and are still having difficulty receiving channels, please contact our 24/7 Service Desk team on 03331231190 or to report the fault.


No signal or loss of channels – Sky

  • Your Sky Q box must be connected directly to the socket labelled ‘Sat 2’ to receive the Sky signals, please ensure it is connected to this outlet with the correct cable.
  • If you have newly moved into your accommodation and have an existing Sky Q box, you may need to speak to Sky and update your address details before the Sky services will start working at your new address
  • If you are still unable to receive Sky signals after completing the above steps, please contact our 24/7 Service Desk team on 03331231190 or to report the fault.
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